Alone Doth Not a Relationship Status of Single Make…

i'm the one
… ahahahaha! i *heart* this!

I was with my son’s dad for 15 years… married for 11… then quite a few experiences after our split. That’s more than half my life with another person. And believe me, half MY life = many many years.

I’m absolutely at a selfish/self protective place right now… and maybe forever? I REALLY like not being in an exclusive relationship and not having to step on egg shells and questioning who he’s texting or sneaking off with (I still *shudder* over thoughts like that).

I can finally focus on myself, my son, my business, my life… and everything important to me… and having gone through several posts on some popular “mommy groups” reminded me of stuff that I certainly can do WITHOUT.

I don’t react all that well to flirting… actually it makes me feel gross and I end up shutting the person out altogether. I most certainly welcome new friends, but if that friendship comes with an ulterior motive, I could possibly end up ghosting them because… yuck.

I’ve done the long term committed relationship thing and the let’s get to know each other thing… and as much as I believe there’s someone for everyone, I know I’ll be OK even if I never connect with another person at that level again.

Because even if my relationship status remains single, I will never ever be alone πŸ™‚


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