Anatomically Correct Names of Body Parts

So ever since J was a baby, we referred to his “boy part” as “ching ching” – which is what they call it in Japan.

Why? Um… “ching ching” sounds waaay more adorbs than – the mean and intimidating “PENIS”, and you know mommies like making everything sound all cute and squishy for their little babies… amirite?

But once Joshua hit 3rd grade, I realized I had to face the music and teach him the anatomically correct names of said part.

I was scared as all heck… I mean, how do I tell my sparkly eyed boy that his “ching ching” had an English name – PENIS?!!! Actually, I was more afraid for MYSELF because eliminating a cute with a freakin PENIS was not my idea of fun.  😳

Plus… how was I supposed to talk to my boy about a damb penis? Isn’t that the kind of talks dads are supposed to have with their sons? Ohhhh I was sooooo pissed at my ex-husband at that moment.  😡

So I sat my boy down and proceeded to explain…

Me: Joshua, there are words for parts of the body that we’ve been saying in Japanese… and because you’re becoming a big boy, you should learn the proper English words for them. Ok?

Joshua: (looking at me with his big, beautiful, innocent eyes) Ok, mommy!

Me: Ok, so the first word we’ll learn is the English word for “ching ching”… which is “PENIS”. 😥

Joshua: Penis?

Me: (quietly crying inside because hearing such a not-cute word uttered by my sweet angel was just so horrible) Yes, sweetie. So, what do you think? 😥 😥 😥

Joshua: (unfazed) I think it’s ok.

And for the next 2 days, I randomly shouted out “Penis!” (while at home) to which my boy shouted it back as he busted out laughing.  😆 😆 😆

Ugh… the things I did to overcome MY awkwardness… but J sure had fun playing our “Scream out PENIS!” game 😆

… how about a giant squishy penis plushy of your very own to love and hug? #d’awwww



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