I’m Too Tired to Make Dinner

I cook a lot… it’s one of my #happystressrelief activities… and as a homebody-introvert-foodie, cooking lifts my spirit!

As a hobby/side-hustle, I also have a food blog and am a foodie influencer here in Las Vegas… so it’s really cool getting paid to explore new places and receiving cool ingredients and cooking items to review!

Howeva (read with British accent)… there are times when my day is packed-full with writing, coaching calls, and running around… that I just don’t have enough fuel left to make anything afterwards, you know?

So, I start suggesting sumn easy, like… Spaghetti O’s 😆

But my one-and-only would laugh that off like I was only joking, and request a real meal like – Thai Peanut Sesame Noodles 😆 and of course, I’d oblige.

Ok, so this was the case up until Joshua finished middle school, because I was still conditioning my boy to clearly and directly ask for what he really wanted…

However, now that my future surgeon is older… he’s learned to accommodate mom’s need for mental-health dinners (aka whatever’s already in the fridge/pantry).

I mean honestly, I’m a single mom and business owner… with a very busy college student. There’s no one to help run errands and do chores when we’re both attending to work and school.

So I need someone to cut me some slack every once in a while. And because that someone is ME, I do.

What’s helped A TON is doing food preps for the week, on weekends.

I slice and chop up veggies and fruit that we’ll be using in our chia, quinoa, and poke bowls. Honestly, what’s easier than throwing random ingredients into a bowl… and have it come out yummy and healthy?

Mmm… quinoa bowl!

I also make wannabe bento boxes so all the kid has to do is throw it in the microwave and warm it up. (I make them in batches of 4, but end up “taste testing” one before presenting it to my child… lol)

And I also have days when we (“I”) just want “someone else” to prep food for us… so we drive 2 mins down the street and grab some Orange Chicken for dinner.

Mmmm… orange chicken and beef broccoli!

I know some of you are thinking, “But you can just make these yourself at home!”

NOOOOOO… that’s not the point. And it’s starting to feel like the DIY mentality sometimes unintentionally cross over to shaming and guilt-tripping.

Let me tell you… getting takeout every once in a while does NOT make one a failed parent. 😆 I do it… I’m SO NOT a “failed parent”, and my kid is beyond awesome. (Just try to stick with healthy options the best you can!)

I don’t even know why I’m putting this under “Mommy Confessions”. It’s really not a confession… but REALITY.

Srsly… food prep and occasional takeout. No shame in Cup Noodle dinners either.

I’m just grateful that my boy and I have never gone to bed hungry, ever.


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