Sometimes, I’m Just Too Tired to Share…

About a month ago, I shared my hypothyroidism diagnosis on my personal FB account:

Hi… I wanted to do a video yesterday… but I’ve been feeling so wiped out 😓… I decided to wait until tomorrow. I…

Posted by Carmen Sakurai on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


I’m definitely feeling much better… I take my daily dose of liquid iodine, liquid thyroid support, and collagen powder. I no longer feel like death every single day.

Yes, I still feel tired most days… but the painfully sluggish fatigue? Rarely.

Prior to this, I didn’t even know I had such a gland inside me. WTFreak… and how could something so little affect so much?

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  • My hair fell out in CLUMPS when I ran my fingers through it… a ball of hair the size of a small rodent. It was pretty sad.
  • And the fatigue was just horrible. I couldn’t stay awake longer than a few hours at a time… I’ve even had days when I was so exhausted, I’d break down in tears.
  • Don’t get me started with the migraines and vertigo. I’d start to see the sparkles and lights… then hear the high-pitched sound that signaled I’m about to get hit with either or. And when I did, I couldn’t function for at least a week.

I was falling apart… yet, I always felt I can handle it… or that I had too much to do to get myself checked… or both.

That’s a mom-thing, I think. We just keep going because we think if we stopped for even moment, everything will fall apart. Over-function much?  Well, I gotta remember that I have an intelligent and responsible young man here to help me out.

But I digress…

Because of my health, I had to learn to protect & conserve my mental, emotional, and physical energy (even more than ever)… from the people I choose to interact with, to responsibilities I agree to take on.

This means, sometimes I need to keep my “shares” to myself… because I know I won’t have the energy to continue the dialogue. And that makes me a little sad… because being an introvert, social media satisfies my need to connect with everyone without leaving me feeling over-stimulated.

So I went off on a tangent again… brain fog is a symptom of hypothyroidism. And honestly, my head is like… POOF!

It’s just so weird tho… all this time, whenever I heard someone say they’re feeling tired, I just assumed it’s the same kind of “tired” (ie. unbearably sluggish) that I was feeling.

Now that fatigue is no longer a daily issue, I’m here thinking… “So, this is what everyone’s been talking about? I can SO do THIS kind of tired!” lol…

Ok, gotta go… I’m tired.

Current sitch...
🧁 Strawberries
🍹 Lemon ice water



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