Where’s my lip balm?

I live in the desert… this means I sit in, walk through, and breathe DRY AIR.

Skin gets crispy… hair becomes brittle… eyeballs feel grainy… and my lips transform into sandpaper.

It’s quite lovely.

So naturally, I keep my delicious eos lip balm at arm’s length at all times for immediate relief.

Therein lies the problem… they always… ALWAYS go missing.

  • Deep in a work project, I reach over… no lip balm.
  • As I shop for groceries, I dig through my purse… no lip balm.
  • While driving, I look through all compartments and find… no damb lip balm anywhere.


I’m almost certain we have a lip balm thief that sneak around, swipe, and hide them… if only to watch my frustration and anxiety as I cry out, “OMG… where the freakin hell is my frakkin lip balm?!!!”

My attempt at remaining mindful about where I leave the colorful balls of gentle moisture have clearly been unsuccessful… and honestly? I have enough to think about as is.

So my solution to end this daily struggle?

Buy MORE lip balm.

I keep (and leave) them everywhere… in my purse, on my desk, coat/sweater pockets, butter compartment in the fridge, bathroom, a couple in the car, in the pantry, on the piano, and a box of them beside my bed.

Wherever I may be, once I apply the balm, I simply set it back down from whence it came. No longer do I have to burden my precious, over-functioning brain with extra data and effort.

I love it when I impress myself with a lifehack that works for me… 🥂

Srsly man… they say being a teenager is rough, but how about ADULTING? Life-ing can sometimes get dangerously stressful, so, do whatever it takes to simplify your daily routine… whether it’s knowing where you placed your keys, what to have for breakfast, or where you keep your freakin lip balm.

These little “things” make up your everyday, so make them effortless. This way, you have the time & energy for the REALLY important stuff that are actually meaningful to you.

Okay… so where are my wireless ear buds?


Current sitch...
🎧 ice ice baby (vanilla ice)
🧁 sukonbu
🍹 lemon water


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